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2018 Husqvarna TC250 4 Part Protection Pack

2018 Husqvarna TC250 4 Part Protection Pack

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Exclusive to MotoGC is our very own bespoke Husqvarna TC250 Protection Kit. These kits will take your bikes toughness, resilience and professionalism to the next level. All the while averting serious damage that could unravel your success and competitiveness on the track!

For the weekend warrior, give your bike the upmost care and attention maximizing  your time on the tracks and trails and away from the garage.


Bash Plate with Standard Pipe Guard (Black or Silver Alloy)

We had always found the traditional design of bash plates very frustrating when it came to maintenance. They were always difficult to remove for cleaning so the bike was always carrying an extra kilo or two of mud. When it came to oil changes there was always the concern of picking up dirt while feeding the sump plug up through the hole in the bash plate. Our solution was to develop mounting hardware so that the bash plate could be removed with a


Billet Radiator Guard (Black or Blue)

Our radiator guards have been designed to provide great protection with minimal reduction in airflow while keeping the weight increase down.Unlike other Billet radiator guards, ours include an extra web machined into the rear to provide extra strength. We have also made the guard wider to protect the vulnerable tab on the side of the radiator.The grill design has been flow tested and reduces linear air flow by less than 10% at lower speeds when compared to the standard louvre grill supplied with most bikes.


Rear Disc Guard (Black or Blue)

Disc guards are machined from 6061 aluminium offering excellent protection for your rear disc. The disc guards are anodised in a colour to match the bike.


Billet Clutch Cover (Black)

Clutch covers are machined from 6061 aluminium offering excellent protection compared to the stock cast covers. The covers are hard anodised to reduce wear.