Dunlop D211GP RACER 190/55ZR17 HARD T

Dunlop Hypersport ZR D211 GP Racer Hard Rear


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Racers are always happy with the best. And that's the competition D211 GP, a race tyre that has won consistently at every level of world motorsport - club, national and international - since its launch. Now, the secrets of this all-conquering tyre's extraordinary success are being made available to the committed road rider. The road-going Sportmax GP Racer D211 tyre's Multi-Tread compound delivers superb grip, precise feedback and slow wear rates for longer life, and the revolutionary NTEC system provides pressure tuning options that will satisfy the most hard-core track day fanatic as well as the pure sports rider, without compromising mileage. Belt-to-carcass angles are engineered to stabilise sidewalls for smooth, responsive transitions between maximum lean angles while nylon breaker belts and a continuously-wound aramid-fibre tread belt eliminate circumferential growth for cooler running and predictable performance under heavy use.

NTEC system allows lower tyre pressures for ultimate grip in track day conditions
Multi-Tread (MT) compound guarantees rapid warm-up
High stability under braking and totally focused feedback over high mileage in all conditions
Belt-to-carcass angles designed to stabilise sidewalls for smooth transitions between maximum lean angles
Nylon breaker belts and continuously-wound aramid-fiber tread belt