Force FORCE 250/300SX/XC 17+ HUSQ TX250/300 17 PIPE GUARD BAS

Force Bash Plate & Pipe Guard - KTM 250/300 SX/XC 2017/Husq TX 250/300 2017 Silv


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Our pipe guard bash plates are made from 4mm alloy and are able to be put through an extreme amount of punishment and Force. We have designedthe bash plate to join the pipe guardto achieve the strength.The extra force and leverage the unit takes in a hit means that we have to mount the unit better than we do on a standard bash plate with single bolt removal.

Onour pipe guards you will see the front mount and a rear stiffener which are both necessary to prevent twisting, crushing or vibration when in use.

We are now offering bash plate foam in all of our bash plate kits. This helps reduce mud build up and helps reduce the noise you get from an alloy bash plate

While the design varies from one bike to another, they all feature quality stainless steel or billet alloy brackets.


KTM 250/300 SX / XC 2017 with Pipe Guard STANDARD PIPE ONLY

Husqvarna TX 250 / 300 2017