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Perfect for short or long distance riding - This tank bag from GEARSACK AUSTRALIA sits on your tank held on by magnets (and a strap with a buckle around the headstem), perfect for holding any of your gear that you need easy access to. It has a clear cover front pocket for you to place your map or phone in. Expandable (zips open further) and has a strap that turns it into a backpack. takes seconds to remove from your bike. All in all, it makes for extremely versatile storage. It can also be easily made to fit onto your pillion seat/or rack. Heavy duty zips, 1 main compartment with 3 additional smaller compartments, 3M Scotchlite reflective material, Siliconguard water and stain resistant.

Did we mention it's an Australian Product?!


Dimensions (approx)

36cm long x 28cm wide. height is 15cm to 22cm depending on how much you unzip and expand it.

25-litre storage

RRP for these bags is $129.99