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Honda Pro Coolant 946ML Motorcycle Pre-mix Blue 1L Bottle CBR VFR CRF CR VT


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- 50/50 blend ready to use (Premixed using purified, deionized water.)
- Genuine OEM Honda Product
- Use for any motorcycle, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, etc.

Part Number: 08C50-C321S02

Ethylene Glycol

Over 95% of anti-freeze/coolants on the market use silicate inhibitors to protect against aluminum corrosion. However, the abrasiveness of the silicates may cause premature wear to mechanical water pump seals. To prevent this problem, Honda engineers demanded a superior corrosion inhibitor without silicates. The result found inside this bottle - the ultimate Hi-Performance Coolant for all Honda liquid cooled engines.

Honda HP coolant , genuine OEM Honda part, type-2 ready to use 50/50 blend, exclusive Honda formula with non-abrasive corrosion inhibitor for maximum protection, advanced type-2 blue formula is 100% compatible with original green coolant, protects from -34F freeze point to 265F(at 15 PSI), boiling point: 32 fluid ounce.

If you need assistance with the coolant capacity of your motorcycle, feel free to message us and we will supply the information you need to help with your purchase.