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Motobatt Motobatt YT4B-BS *20

Motobatt Motobatt YT4B-BS *20


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Motobatt motorcycle batteries use the latest technology to provide the motorcycle enthusiast with hassle free riding. Quadflex(TM) technology has 4 terminals (2+ and 2-) and, when necessary, includes spacers, enabling the battery to function in multiple applications. Motobatt batteries also include...

Absorbed Glass Mat technology - ensures greater protection against vibration and gives longer lifecycle
No initial charging - install and go
Maintenance free - no messy acid to worry about
20% more cold cranking amps
Easy accessory connection with multi terminals
Can be used in boats and jet skis

MB Item NumberMBT4BB
Capacity (10HR)2
Weight1.05kg / 2.31lbs
Dimensions (in / mm)L: 4.45 (113) W: 1.50 (38) H: 3.43 (87)
Assembly Figure2
Terminal Locations
Terminal2, (Spade)
Allen WrenchNA
Terminal CapsNA
Case ColorYellow
Cap StyleNA
Cap StyleNA
Replaces6N42A, 6N42A3, 6N42A4, 6N42A5, 6N42A6, 6N42A8, 6N4C1B