Bridgestone  80/100x21 (4) X40F MX HARD FRONT

Bridgestone Battlcross X40 MX/Enduro Mid-Hard Front


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The Battlecross X40 rear tyre utilizes Bridgestones new Castle Block technology featuring molded convex blocks, giving more edge effect to the tyre that helps improve acceleration, cornering and lap times. All new cooling fin technology on the X40 aids in keeping the tyres operating temperatures down due to sidewall flex, helping to maintain consistent performance. The Battlecross X40 takes the Bridgestone tyres to new heights in the hard terrain category. Dont let the competition get the holeshot on you, get yourself the latest in motocross tyre technology today. If you are serious about performance, order yourself the Bridgestone Battlecross X40 tyre today before your next ride.

Convex Castle Block for enhanced traction in acceleration and braking Feature cooling fin for better heat dispersionAsymmetric rear tread pattern also enhances traction during acceleration, deceleration and corneringImproved grip in all conditionsAvailable in most big bike sizes