Bridgestone Hypersport S22 Front

Bridgestone Hypersport S22 Front


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“The New Battlax Hypersport S22: Taking you to the next level”

The Battlax Hypersport S22 is Bridgestone's latest hypersport tyre: a thrilling new product that will allow you to experience the full extent of your bike's performance on the road !

The technical upgrades on the S22 show performance enhancements in all areas. So what if we had created the ultimate hypersport tyre for all conditions ? The S22 has adopted a new pattern design in line with the needs and requirements of hypersport users.

The light handling brought the tyre combined with its feedback and cornering performance for maximum confidence are a perfect match for any hypersport rider. By adopting new compounding technology, Bridgestone’s flagship model is showing no compromise in wet and dry performance on top of increasing the total handling package.

The Battlax Hypersport S22 will become the tyre partner taking excitement and thrill of riding to the next level.

Product concept

Adding excellent wet performance to the best in class dry grip and handling feel in order to raise the ultimate hypersport possibilities to a higher level. Focus on contact feel and cornering performance to always feel the connection to the road, in every aspect of riding.

Technical aims 

  • Upgrade the wet grip/handling performance overall 
  • Increase handling lightness for additional sporty feel 
  • Increase the cornering speed 
  • No sacrifice on wear life


  • Pattern design – linked to water drainage and block rigidity 
  • New tread structures in 3LC and 5LC 
  • New molecular approach for compounding 
  • Increase adhesion area in contact surface

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