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Dunlop Mini MX MX11 Sand/Mud Rear


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Specifically designed for sand and mud use.
Narrow-profile block faces help chisel through and penetrate the sand surface for increased traction and great feel for smoother handling.
Geomax stabilizer cross-shaped tread block design helps provide enhanced straight-line traction at speed and during braking, while also assisting lateral stability and braking in corners. This unique design also provides block stiffness for strength and enhanced tire longevity.
The rear's crescent-shaped curve in the tread blocks creates a turbine effect to help provide enhanced straight-line traction, braking stability and self-cleaning properties.
The rear's recessed flex joints between the tread blocks give the tire improved compliance for enhanced traction and ride comfort as well as lighter weight.
Circumferential channels in the tread help enhance stability.
Excels in sandy conditions
Excellent stability on uneven surfaces
Cross knobs in central pattern of the front MX11 for extended tread life
Crescent-curve outer block profiles on rear MX11 promote superior traction