Michelin --MIC--100/90-19 Starcross Sand 57M

Michelin Starcross 5 Sand Rear


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After a three-year testing and development program, Michelin has launched its brand new range of StarCross5 motocross tyres in Australia, listing a number of advantages over the previous Starcross 3 and 4 line-ups, including a lighter casing, increased straight line traction, better handling, and the ability to run higher inflation to reduce the risk of tyre 'pinch' without compromising performance.

The lighter casing is down to a new production technology, with the three-ply nylon design jettisoned in favour of a two-ply polyester construction. Michelin claims the update has not only reduced tyre 'rebound' but lateral rigidity remains unaffected. And the StarCross 5 tyres also require less 'warm-up' compared to their predecessors.

Specially designed tread with monster scoops to evacuate sand more efficiently.
Self-cleaning tread characterised by fine horizontal lines to help release build-up.
Lighter casing has reduced weight by as much as 15 percent, The most obvious by-product of trimming the 'fat' is less unspring weight, which has palpable benefits in terms of braking, handling and general manoeuvrability.
Run higher tyre pressures -- up to 3psi more than the old Starcross range -- without compromising performance.
Improved traction in a straight line and more progressive handling in corners.
No 'running-in' needed as the flexible casing offers great performance from the starting gate.
New casing engineered to optimise the size of the contact patch.
Aggressive front and rear tread patterns offers maximum levels of grip for precise steering and traction, even when racing in very difficult conditions.
Directional intermediate and side tread blocks ensure good steering response from the front tyre and traction from the rear.
Central blocks are designed specifically to enhance braking performance and traction on all types of track surfaces. They act like hooks to dig-in and drive the motorcycle forward